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2gether We Can Make a Difference Tipline

On February 1, 2023, Webster County ASAP--DFC in conjunction with Webster County Sheriff's Office and Webster County Schools, launched an anonymous tipline for community members and students to report information they find concerning.  This information will be screened and then sent to the most appropriate agency/service in the county to provide assistance if possible.  This is not an emergency reporting system and will only be monitored during business hours.  This reporting system will be accessible by QR code or direct link and users submitting reports will remain anonymous.  Below are the types of concerns that can be reported:

  • A friend who needs help 
  • Physical Bullying- pushing, hitting, etc. 
  • Verbal Bullying- name-calling 
  • Cyber Bullying- texts, online, etc. 
  • Possible Fight 
  • Possible Threat 
  • Drug Possession, Use or Sales (including Vaping, prescription drugs, alcohol) 
  • Possible Suicide—threats, ideations, severe depression 
  • Other  

Click below to submit a tip: